Installation: First check how much air pressure you are currently running in your fork. WRITE IT DOWN!

Next, let all the air out of your fork and remove the whole air cap assembly on the top left leg of your fork.

Now thread your new RUNT into the top left leg of your fork using the appropriate size socket wrench.

Air up your RUNT, starting with the HIGH chamber and then the LOW chamber as outlined below.

To Tune your RUNT, start with what your normal air pressure was in your fork.

First, pump up the HIGH chamber of your RUNT to TWICE your normal pressure.

Next, pump the LOW chamber of your RUNT to your normal pressure.

Example: Normal pressure  = 60

               High Chamber = 120

               Low Chamber = 60


Make adjustments in 2.5-5 psi increments, keeping the 2:1 ratio between High Chamber and Low Chamber. Like a coil spring a small change in the initial makes a big difference throughout the stroke.

If you need to increase your bottom out resistance, increase only the High Chamber in 5-10 psi increments.