FOX Socket for the RUNT

FOX Socket for the RUNT


Ordering a RUNT? Makes sure you’ve got the proper tools to remove your existing top cap and install the RUNT cartridge. Made of 7000 series aluminum, these 6-point sockets feature no lead-in chamfer and a low-profile design for a precision fit that minimizes scarring. Fox’s top cap sockets also feature external knurling to increase finger grip and a durable anodized and laser etched finish.

26mm Sockets are used to install the RUNT for all RockShox applications.

28mm Sockets are used to install the RUNT for Fox and Marzocchi 36mm stanchion applications.


  • Driver 3/8" standard square drive

  • Chamfer-less for proper engagement

  • Knurled surface to improve grip with fingers

  • Snug fit maximizes contact, preventing stripping, and scarring

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