Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to re-valve my damper for The RUNT to work?

A: No, The RUNT works well as a drop-in and will be an improvement to your ride. We have been re-valving forks for years, as they are not very supple from the manufacturers. Re-valving makes your fork ride even better! The RUNT is shipped with shims to re-valve your rebound damper and/or your entire damper. On some forks the lock-out feature becomes less effective. Complete instructions (Tech Documents) are found under the support tab on our website. Your local bike shop can do this for you or you can send it to us. Many riders choose to take this one step at a time.

Q: How do I send my fork to DSD for re-valving and install?

A: Follow the link under support to purchase installation, then the link under support to schedule. Ship your fork to us and we will get it done the day scheduled and right back to you, usually takes a week total.

Q: Is The RUNT hard to install?

A: The RUNT is super easy to install, you simply remove the air in your left fork leg, remove the top cap and any spacers or tokens, screw The RUNT in, air it up and you are ready to ride. Takes about 5minutes.

Q: Will The RUNT I buy work in any fork?

A: The RUNT, unlike other options out there, is fork travel specific. The RUNT was designed to take up the maximum air volume in your fork leg. We do have flat and step pistons, so you can convert between say 150 and 160 travel by just ordering a different piston.

Q: What maintenance does The RUNT require?

A: The RUNT requires very little maintenance. About once a year you should do the following: Remove the air, and then remove The RUNT from your fork leg. Next remove the clip holding the piston at the bottom. Add a small amount of air to the high side and the piston will pop out. Grasp the O-ring on the piston with a paper towel between your thumb and for-finger. Pop off the O-ring and match it up at the hardware store. Put a small amount of Slick Honey on the O-ring. Add a small amount of Fox Float Fluid to the inside of The RUNT, and re-install the clip. Put The RUNT back in your fork and you are ready to go!

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we will ship to anywhere.

Q: Do you sell to bike shops?

A: Yes, email us for a quote.

Q: Why is it called The RUNT?

A: It means rear shock in the front. The first proof of concept was a prototype Diaz made many years ago out of a rear shock. You can see it at the bottom of The RUNT page.