• First check how much air pressure you are currently running in your fork. WRITE IT DOWN! This is your preferred sir pressure.

  • Next, let all the air out of your fork and remove the whole air cap assembly on the top left leg of your fork.

  • Then, thread your new RUNT into the top left leg of your fork using the appropriate size socket wrench.

  • Air up your RUNT, starting with the HIGH chamber and then the LOW chamber as outlined below.


  • First, pump up the HIGH chamber of your RUNT to 2x your preferred pressure.

  • Next, pump the LOW chamber of your RUNT to your preferred pressure.


  • Preferred pressure  = 60

  • High Chamber = 120

  • Low Chamber = 60


Making Adjustments:

Make adjustments in 2.5-5 psi increments, keeping the 2:1 ratio between High Chamber and Low Chamber. Like a coil spring a small change in the initial makes a big difference throughout the stroke.

If you need to increase your bottom out resistance, increase only the High Chamber in 5psi increments.